Q) Who are you?

Welcome to STELLAR Home Buyers!

We are an intrepid team of three – friends, brothers and business partners. They say “all good things come in three’s”. We like that 🙂

You can find out more information through our about us page. We update that page quite frequently. Additionally, you can also interact with us through our Facebook business page.


Q) Why shouldn’t I simply sell with a realtor?

Selling a home is always a process, and different homes/personal situations make for different strategies. Selling your home with a realtor is but one strategy and is best suited for those properties that are in immaculate condition, in good neighborhoods, close to amenities and you are willing/able to wait for the perfect “retail” offer to come through, this can of course be anywhere from 2 – 12+ months. And if your property doesn’t sell, then you have to either make your property look “prettier” through upgrades/repairs or switch realtors or wait for your real estate market to begin rebounding. You can find out more the difference between how we at STELLAR work versus your local realtors/agents by clicking here.

If on the other hand, your property is in need of repairs/upgrades and you can’t afford (or frankly, want) to get involved with contractors. If, your life circumstances require you to quickly sell your home (due to a divorce, job transfer, retirement, death/inheritance, court order, foreclosure, bankruptcy, medical etc) and you needed cash flow yesterday. If you’ve worked with realtors/agents/other investors in the past and weren’t happy with the results and additional fees.

Than we at STELLAR can provide a level of service that will truly impress you. Through our relationships and growing business connections, we are always in touch with other cash buyers/investors/funding partners who are urgently looking for homes to rehab and own. We have a solid sense of the local market and that is represented in our offer, our level of service and professionalism.


Q) How long will it take to close on my property?

Once you’ve booked yourself into a call with us, we’ll chat about your property and your situation and typically we either make you a cash offer immediately on the call or within an hour if your property requires some additional due diligence on our part


Q) What do I need to have with me for our call?

Most importantly, please show up to the call on time!

We are getting very busy helping homeowners and we need to respect our time and your time as well. A positive attitude, distraction-free environment, all decision-makers (if there are other people who own the home – your spouse, business partners etc), and general information about any liens/loans/judgement payments that you owe on the home


Q) Will you truly walk me through the whole process?

Absolutely! Selling a home has always been seen as one cumbersome, lengthy, tiring process. With STELLAR, we flip the entire script!

We aim to close on your home without having you get up off your couch. Like I mentioned earlier, you’ll be impressed! Click here to book yourself into a quick call with me…


Q) Can I contact you at any time?

A) Oh yes! You can contact us at any time but we highly recommend you first book yourself into a call with me first. We give priority to all our scheduled calls and the homeowners who’ve agreed to work with us. You can find out all other relevant information by watching our video, reading through our website. Let’s face it, if you’ve read this far it looks like you need to sell. So don’t wait, the general economy is shifting quickly – you don’t want to be left holding the bag when it does (think 2007-2009 but bigger).


Q) I’m waiting for the economy to turn in my favor, I’m torn between selling now and waiting for a higher price – in your expert opinion, what do you suggest?

As real estate residential investors, specializing in the US and working in the trenches day in and day out. This is a question that we face daily, it’s a question that homeowners have asked since time eternal and our recommendation is always the same – “feel” what’s happening right now in the general economy.

From what we’re hearing on the ground, 2017’s been one of the most tumultuous years in recent record (remember President Trump? Brexit? Frexit? Russia?) in the US and worldwide. And we at STELLAR believe this is a trend that will continue. We’ve been seeing increasing home prices and rents for the last two years and it appears that now the winds are shifting. Many states are starting to see house prices turning south and buyers can foresee home prices going lower in the future and are becoming increasingly willing to wait and choose the best options.

 Also, ask yourself: does it seem like US jobs are abundant? Is the political climate strong and united? Are you reasonably confident in a growing US economy for years to come? Is your income, your net worth and your assets growing steadily with rising inflation and mounting US dollar debt? Is your retirement secured? Can you comfortable cover future medical bills and other unexpected expenses for yourself and your family? Do you have a strong savings plan and investment portfolio that grows annually? Do you consider your property to be a luxury home?

If like many of us, your answers to most (or all) of the questions were a resounding “NO”, than we highly suggest that if you need to sell – you NEED to sell. Once the economy turns, it’s like a train – very difficult to stop and nearly impossible to reverse quickly. Markets are cyclical and real estate is no different. These upcoming years look extremely tricky on all fronts, don’t wait to get out of an investment just to “maybe” earn/save a few thousand dollars. That can easily turn into thousands in losses – ask any stock investor. It appears that the residential market is currently peaking (or close to it) – use this knowledge and remember to sell at the peak.