Thank you for signing up and looking to change your situation.

Selling a home can be a cumbersome and lengthy process but we take that work right off your shoulders!

Best part is – you don’t have to worry how bad or boarded up your property is. Our investors are looking for these type of properties and will close in cash and quickly if they like what they see.

Now, I’ll be calling you within a couple of days but to speed up the process, the best way for us to speak is if you choose a time and date at your convenience to your RIGHT (form will show up at the bottom if you’re on a smartphone).

This does one of two things:

  1. It ensures we get to speak at a time/date of your choosing
  2. It keeps both you and me informed of our quick call appointment so that we don’t miss each other
Why do we do this step?

Because through experience (and a lot of calling :p), I’ve come to realize that getting in touch with people can be very difficult. Even if they need/want to sell quickly, getting in touch can be a real pain. I can call you and you might be busy or at work. You might return my call, but I might be speaking with another seller or investor. And this game of “phone-tag” can go on for days or weeks.

I want to help you skip this headache by locking yourself into a quick call with me.

By the way, we can speak for as long as we need to. The 15-minute timer is simply there as an indicator.

So go ahead, take two seconds, choose a time/date that works for you and let’s get on the phone. It’ll save you hours or days of delays and missed opportunities.

And one final reason I insist on following this method, is because our investors move fast. The market is getting better for them and before they get too tied down financially with other properties, I want them to see yours. Especially if you’re looking to sell quickly (as in, within the next few weeks “quickly”). These situations are what we specialize in and what they buy immediately.

Talk to you soon,

Naif Zaman
STELLAR Home Buyers